Burglar Steals Grandmother’s Security Camera To Cover-Up Embarassment

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The Dunbar Police Department in West Virginia got a call about a daylight robbery on April 23rd. Pretty normal call, right? Wrong.

St. Albans resident Tristan Tucker admitted to police that he was responsible for the robbery. His own grandmother told police that her 27-year-old grandson had repeatedly broke into her house. This time Tucker set about disabling a DVR system along with some home security cameras.

The original goal of the first break-in was to charge his phone. However, over time, Tucker’s motivation changed.

According to investigators, Tucker confessed that while charging his phone, he began watching pornography. Unable to contain himself, Tucker began masturbating in his grandmother’s house. Soon thereafter, the embarrassed Tucker decided to destroy all evidence of his activities.

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Tucker smashed the cameras and chucked them into a nearby river. Unfortunately for him, he simply buried the DVR on his grandmother’s property. A review of the DVR provided police with all the evidence they needed in order to charge Tucker with multiple crimes.

Tucker is currently being held on a $10,000 bond.

No word has been released about his grandmother’s opinion of all of this. It is a safe bet that she will not review all of the evidence.

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