2 Teachers Fired After Awarding ADHD 8th Grader ‘Most Likely Not To Pay Attention’ Award

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In a world where bullying is a topic that spawns marches and jettisons public-speaking careers, the infamous concept that has created multiple programs in schools is getting another look today.

Mainly because the bullying came from the teacher’s themselves.

When our children go to school, we assume there is someone looking out for their best interests. We trust that our children’s educators will not only aid their learning ventures but also help them in their self-growth. We hope that when we have those parent-teacher conferences, they will provide us valuable insight into ways we can harness our children’s blossoming knowledge and aid them within our own homes.

We also hope that they are paying attention to those bullying seminars in an attempt to stop the bullying happening in their own classrooms.

Let me introduce you to two teachers who are not.

Two Georgia-based teachers have been promptly fired for handing out a “Most Likely Not To Pay Attention” award to a student with ADHD. The 14-year old girl was given a trophy with the wonderful title engraved onto the front plate, forever to be displayed alongside her other trophies of “honor.”

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail/WSB-TV.

Rockdale County Public Schools promptly jumped into action, throwing the two teachers out the door of the school permanently when they caught wind of what had transpired during the assembly award show.

And, as if this couldn’t get any more disgusting, the award was given out as part of the school’s Spirit Week celebrations.

Because we love and adore those teachers who give us awards mocking our inherent struggles.

The parents thanked the superintendent of the school system for jumping into swift action and has made sure those teachers can no longer be hired within the Rockdale County Public School system.

Don’t think this is bullying? Let me break it down for you: bullying is a verb, and it is defined as someone utilizing their physical strength or metaphorical rise in position to physically harm or emotionally intimidate another human being.

The psychology behind bullying goes a little like this: it has been proven that bullies are made, not born, and have a distinct lack of communication skills that inhibit the way they emotionally interpret their surroundings. So, for most bullies, lashing out in whatever form they choose is a way for them to communicate their own frustrations.

In the teacher’s case, they were frustrated with the inability of this particular student to pay attention.

But, instead of doing what a communicative person would have done, which is address the issues with the child’s parents so they could take appropriate actions, the teachers decided to vent their frustrations by displaying this child’s “classroom downfall” in the form of plastering it all over a trophy in an attempt to juxtapose the elation of receiving an award with the humiliation of that award being about a flaw in the child’s working disposition.

In essence, they employed the grown-up version of the age-old “high school jock asking the unpopular girl out just to laugh at her hope” ploy.

At least we know there are school systems out there that will not tolerate this type of behavior.


Featured image courtesy of Daily Mail/Rockdale County Public Schools.

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