Author Who Went Public About 1-Inch Manhood Writes Coping Manual For Fellow Tiny Guys

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“Micropenis” is a medically-documented term that denotes when a man has an unusually small penis. Ant Smith, who went public about his condition with his poem Shorty, has now come out with a book entitled The Small Penis Bible, it’s goal is denoted perfectly within the title: this book was created under the deep desire for Smith to coach other men through this diagnostic revelation and enable them to cope with the reality of their condition without allowing their anxiety to grow.

Many people have considered Smith brave for speaking out about this medical condition. He has talked publicly various times about the endless suffering and teasing he endured because of his 1-inch penis, and he has taken that ridicule and bottled emotion and thrown it into his latest book that houses everything from autobiographical stories to humorous anecdotal realities.

In a very open interview on the This Morning sofa, Smith divulged information regarding the size of his flaccid versus fully-erect penis, and even brought with him a cardboard cutout in order to demonstrate to the audience what he was “working with.”

Image courtesy of Daily Mail/Ken McKay/Shuttershock.

He even went on to mention other facets and tools of intimacy him and his wife utilize throughout the current duration of their marriage.

He spoke of keeping his weight under control so as to not lose “valuable centimeters” when it came to his manhood, and he even admitted that his wife didn’t understand he had a condition until many years later into their marriage when he began talking to her about the ridicule he suffered as a child.

We’ll let you come up with the snarky remarks regarding that statement.

At any rate, the interview is eye-opening, to say the least. See if you can keep a straight face while watching it below.


Featured image courtesy of Daily Mail/ITV This Morning.

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