Would You Like A Rat With Your Mocha Latte?

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Some business ideas are unique and quirky. Some are just plain bizarre.

The idea of opening a coffee shop combined with a cat rescue is kind of cute and fun. One such cat cafe opened a few years ago in Oakland, California and has been an enormous success. The owners had the idea of opening a coffee shop where patrons could come for a hot drink and some pastry in a big room filled with adoptable cats.

Sip your coffee, cuddle a furry friend and walk out all refreshed. Cool!

But one spinoff idea might not be quite as wonderful or relaxing. At least for some people.

San Fransisco is about to host a pop up event run by the San Francisco Dungeon. The tourist attraction features actors who portray events from the city’s history. On two dates in July, the Dungeon will host a “rat cafe,” where patrons can have a nice cappuccino in the company of a rat or two.


These rats aren’t your average, run of the mill street rats, though. These are a more domestic variety. These are rats that come from a local rat rescue (yes, there is such a thing).  “Rattie Ratz” is a Bay area rat rescue operation. They are seeking homes for the little critters, and this seemed like a good way to accomplish that goal while getting some good publicity.

The people in charge of the event want people to know that domestic rats are clean, smart animals that make very good pets.

If you’re interested in attending, tickets for the rat cafe dates on July 1 and July 7 are going for $49.99 a piece. For that you get your choice of coffee or tea, a pastry, and 15 minutes to interact with the rodents.

Some might say that there are better ways to spend 50 bucks, but I guess everyone has their own idea of fun.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.


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