One-Eyed Mammal Is Now A Rockstar In India (VIDEO)

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Miracles are real. They happen every day. However, it is not every day a miracle turns into an object of worship.

In the Assam region of India, a goat mother recently gave birth to a baby with one eye and one ear. Local veterinarians did not give the little baby much chance of making it past birth. So far however, the “cyclops” goat is doing just fine.

The goat’s unnatural look is the result of cyclopia, a condition where the brain fails to separate and forms only a single eye socket. The condition is most common in mammals (including humans), but there have been instances of sharks and other non-mammals producing cyclopian offspring.

The goat’s owner, Mukhuri Das, believes that God gave him his special animal as a miracle. Others in the village agree, and many have been flocking to see the strange, one-eyed kid daily.

Others have taken a different tact and avoid the goat at all costs. Some think the creature may be “evil.”

Whether or not this little guy is good or bad, it is certainly true that cyclopia is a bizarre condition that does not make for handsome pets. Here’s hoping that the little guy lives a long life!

Featured image via: Metro UK

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