As The Guilty Tally Rises In “Russiagate”, Trump’s Kids Could Get Ensnared In The Trap

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If you have no idea about the Trump-Russia scandals currently being investigated, then you have been living under a rock. At this point, it is speculated that 28 people within President Donald Trump’s administration, including the President himself, are being wholly and completely investigated for ties to Russia that tipped the election in Trump’s favor.

And it seems as if his children are now being caught up in the mess.

Claude Taylor took to Twitter to deliver us a statement that could be considered bone-chilling:

He went on to clarify that Tiffany Trump has no part in this, but the three children who are constantly seen at their father’s side do, in fact, have criminal ties to this entire Russia debacle.

What is not clear is whether his statement references ties we already know about or ties that are still to come to light. We know of Ivanka Trump’s involvement with the Azerbaijan hotel scandal that was found to be nothing more than a corrupted front, we know of Eric Trump’s conflict of interest in the Dubai golf course that opened merely two weeks after a botched Yemen raid, and we know of Donald Trump Jr.’s brags on social media about doing business deals with Russia as far back as 2008, with his father going back as far as 1987 in an attempt to do business deals with the country in question.

Whether Taylor’s twitter blast is referencing the above facts we do know, or whether it is referencing something more sinister to come, still remains to be seen.

But, one question flutters through our minds when this issue arises: should his children be brought up on charges having to do with this scandal, what would President Trump be willing to do in order to get them off the hook?


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