15 Totally Inappropriate Playgrounds For Kids

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There are a lot of inappropriate places for your children to play. But what happens when the places you think are safe for kids turn out to be even more inappropriate?

Look at these photos and see if you would let your kids play in any of it, because I sure as hell won’t.

1. This sign with two children doing _____

Source: Oddee

What could those two be doing?


2. This slide coming from an elephant’s _____

Source: Oddee

Oops, you didn’t just come from there.


3. This baby dolphin kissing another dolphin’s _____

Source: Oddee

Don’t do that, baby dolphin.


4. This pink cat’s _____

Source: Oddee

I can’t even..


5. This giraffe opening up like a _____

Source: Oddee

Sure feel stuffed there, eh?


6. This awkwardly positioned giraffe

Source: Oddee

What is he even doing there?


7. This hopscotch crime scene

Source: Oddee

Where are the police crime tapes?


8. This metal that sprouted the wrong way

Source: Oddee

Not enough energy.


9. This nasty roller letters that spell _____

Source: Oddee



10. These BBQ’d creatures

Source: Oddee

This doesn’t look right.


11. This protruding eekie pink stuff

Source: Oddee



12. This slide shredder

Source: Oddee

Are you serious?


13. This pooping giraffe

Source: Oddee

Looking a little constipated there.


14. This clown with a big _____

Source: Oddee

This does not look fun.


15. This ship that probably won’t go on

Source: Oddee

I’m the king of the world.. or not.


Now, honestly, would you let your children play in any of these?


Image via Oddee.