Food As Diplomacy: Will Trump Really Ask The Saudis For McNuggets?

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President Donald Trump is set to embark on his first overseas trip as the leader of the (ahem) “free world.” The President is scheduled to leave Washington tomorrow, heading first to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He will also visit Israel, and the Vatican, in Italy. He is then supposed to go to Belgium, to meet the King and Queen. Finally, he will go to Sicily, to meet with the G7 countries.

Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful trip to some incredible places? Wow. What a wonderful opportunity to learn more about cultures that differ from ours.

What a fantastic chance to sample the delicacies of these wonderful countries, especially knowing that you’d be in the care of the richest members of each society.

Wow. I’d be in my glory eating the amazing dishes in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, and Italy.

Unfortunately for him, and maybe for his staff, the President of the United States is not exactly a gourmand.

The New York Times reports that Trump is, at best, a reluctant traveller. He prefers the comforts of his own staff and his own kitchen. This may be one reason why he insists on hosting foreign leaders at his own resorts.

We know that Donald Trump enjoys the predictable, safe foods that come from American fast food restaurants. As a confirmed germaphobe, the President apparently feels most secure when the food that he eats is mass produced in a completely controlled way.

Multiple media outlets are now wondering what the President will do when he gets to Saudi Arabia and is faced with a dinner of mutton, couscous, hot peppers and spices that he can’t pronounce. Will he ask for a bag of McNuggets, or will he man up and eat what is served?

What about when he gets to Sicily, and the locals offer him a delicious plate of squid, octopus, snails and local lemons?

This is a small item on our list of “what the hell is wrong with this guy,” but it is an interesting question. While some of us would give our actual, honest to God eye teeth to have a chance to eat our way around the Mediterranean, it’s both annoying and ridiculous to realize that our President is hesitant to travel because he’s afraid he won’t be able to get his Quarter Pounder.

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