A Moment Of Passion Is Man’s Last (VIDEO)

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Although not all of the facts are in yet, we can safely say that one North Charleston man had the unluckiest night of his life. He came and went more or less at the same time, if you catch the drift.

On Friday night, police in North Charleston, South Carolina received an urgent call about a shot fired near St. Johns Avenue. When patrolmen arrived, they discovered a Mazda van running with its headlights on. It was also parked behind the home where the witnesses reported hearing the shot.

Inside of the van, 34-year-old Ladontes Miller was found dead behind the wheel. A single gunshot ended his life.

Outside of the driver-side door, a distraught woman was found with blood covering her dress, face, and hands. According to the woman’s own testimony, she and the victim were having sex when the unknown assailant pulled the trigger and killed Miller.

It is currently believed that the murderer quickly fled the scene via a vehicle.

Local media sources have reported that the surviving eyewitness is a known prostitute in the area. Another report also claims that the woman briefly went into the van’s backseat in order to use narcotics. This occurred not long after the murder and after bystanders arrived at the scene.

As of this writing, no arrests have been made, nor do the police have any suspects.

Featured image via: WSPA

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