Woman Dying Of Breast Cancer Does Dream Wedding Shoot Solo (VIDEO)

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In 2011 Q May Chen was declared cancer free after a grueling battle with stage two breast cancer. However, two years later, in 2015, cancer returned, and this time it was terminal.

Q May had always dreamt of what her wedding photos would be like. As a child, she had imagined herself in a beautiful gown, carefully posed with her groom against a stunning backdrop.

The breast cancer had returned before she had found the person she wanted to spend her life with and many other 27-year-olds would have given up on that particular dream, but Q May is different.

Q May decided she would have her fairytale photo shoot without her groom and she told Cosmo:

“Time is very valuable, every moment can not be wasted. I do not have to wait; I can complete my own dream.”

For the photo shoot, she chose not just one, but four wedding gowns saying she picked different styles to reflect various aspects of her personality. She chose a red gauze dress, a pink embroidered dress, a white lace gown, and a white gauze gown.

“Every girl dreams of wearing a wedding dress, and I was always waiting for someone to wear the dress for, but after I got sick, I think it is okay to do it alone.”

Beautiful and strong words to live by from a beautiful and strong young woman.

All Images Courtesy of Q May Chen on Facebook

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