Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem Steps Out Against Ivanka

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At the age of 83, Gloria Steinem has earned the right to speak her mind. The feminist icon and political activist has been speaking truth to power for more than half a century.

She has been fighting for women’s empowerment and equality for all of her adult life, and continues to write and lecture even today.

In fact, she appeared and spoke at the Women’s March in Washington back in January, an event I consider myself incredibly lucky to have witnessed.

Ms. Steinem was interviewed by Refinery 29 recently, and was asked what she thought about Ivanka Trump and the idea that she is “co-opting feminism.”

In her usual direct, no holds barred manner, Steinem answered:

She hasn’t co-opted feminism. Nobody on earth thinks she’s a feminist, are you kidding me?”

But Ivanka, the daughter and close advisor to the President does call herself a feminist. She has repeatedly claimed that she supports women’s rights and equality, and has even said that her primary role in her Daddy’s White House will be to work for things like paid maternity leave.

That didn’t impress the steely Ms. Steinem, however. She knows her history and has lead the path toward women’s equal rights.

She called out the First Daughter for her ability to “talk the talk” without actually “walking the walk” of feminism. She said that a true feminist believes in total equality between the sexes. She said that Ivanka Trump’s plans for maternity leave, for example, leave out any parent who has not physically given birth.

Under Ivanka’s plan, Ms. Steinem pointed out, adoptive parents, fathers and same sex couples are all left out. This is the very same policy that, according to the feminist leader, all totalitarian governments have proposed.

She is not about to give Ivanka the benefit of the doubt, either. She said,

I have not seen her standing up and saying women should have a right to control their own bodies and decide when and whether to have children.”

The lovely Mrs. Kushner, nee Trump, has come under fire from several feminists who refuse to accept her claims that she is a “true feminist.”

Actions, they say, speak much louder than words. And Ivanka Trump Kushner has so far proven herself to be a supporter of her father’s misogynistic policies and not at all a true believer in equal rights for both women and men.

You go, Gloria Steinem. You’ve stood up against far tougher folks than this girl. And we all thank you for that.

Featured image by Jewish Women’s Archive via Flickr. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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