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Wanna Piss A Guy Off? Just Agree With Him (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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It turns out The Devil’s Sidechick @FeministaJones on Twitter is on to something. She has discovered that nothing makes a man angrier than accepting a compliment from him with a simple ‘Thank You.”

The Tweets came like this:

My personal fave and absolute truth bomb was this one:

It begs the question why do men want this reaction from a woman? And why have women been so conditioned to respond this way?

We all know plenty of women who are strong, who have amazing qualities, be they outside or in. When a woman is offered a compliment and given credit for these qualities, why is she expected to go into full on shy mode and into a sweeping denial of her virtues or beauty?

I have been guilty of this and I can even do it when receiving compliments from men and women. Feminista has pointed out the ridiculousness of this game we play. We should have pride in ourselves and be able to accept a compliment with a straight ‘thank you.’ It is bizarre how much this happens. When men are cocky or sure of themselves, it is a positive thing and yet when a woman is, people lose their minds. The Twittersphere agreed.

Since she made the poignant observation, loads of others have been tweeting in agreement:


Then this Tweeter suggests agreeing with a compliment was somehow masculine:

It also begs the question, why do men give compliments? As Feminista has put it, many obviously hate it when a woman agrees, so why do they want to hear a woman deny their good qualities? What is in this game for them? Why do they want a woman who is shy of accepting compliments?

If they truly mean their compliment, surely a woman who agrees with them is a sign of her strength, confidence, and power.

Why can’t these be feminine traits? @FemistaJones has kicked off an awesome talking point here. Why are women not allowed to accept compliments? And if you are not even aware of how you do react when you receive a compliment, next time try what she says and reply with a “Thanks.”

Check out the reaction when you decide to reject fake modesty, instead of a compliment.


Featured image screenshot via Twitter.

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