Florida Crook Tries To Get Off A Drug Bust With Unique Bribe (VIDEO)

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, apparently. One Florida man thought that his own situation was so bad that he tried to bribe a police officer with his favorite fast food.

According to Pasco Police officer Joshua Glass, he stopped a driver in a black Honda on Tuesday, May 16th. Upon looking into the driver-side window, Officer Glass noticed two small bags containing white powder. The driver sloppily tried to cover-up the baggies with his cell phone, but Officer Glass knew immediately that he had just seen cocaine.

Amazingly, the driver decided to double down on his idiocy. Realizing that he had just stepped into hot water, the man proceeded to offer a “hook-up” on Taco Bell food if Officer Glass looked the other way. Whether or not the suspect is a Taco Bell employee has not be reported.

As much as he admits to liking Taco Bell’s food, Officer Glass decided to do his job and arrest the driver. Upon searching the car, police found more baggies containing cocaine. The Pasco Police took to their Facebook page in order to show off their haul. They also made sure to state that Taco Bell would not endorse the suspect’s offer.

The driver and failed dealmaker was charged with with possession and attempted bribery.

Featured image via: Palm Beach Post

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