New Jersey Teen’s Prom Ride Knocks ‘Em Dead (VIDEO)

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In the average American high school, students have to confront their awkward years along with everyone else. This can lead to some rather interesting results.

Of course, cliques, which are more or less wholesome gangs created out of mutual interest or hatred, exist in order to pester those whose awkward years are especially clumsy.

However, despite cliques, bullying, bad grades, or whatever else might ruin a high schooler’s day, there are always those students who are not afraid to be unique and embrace their inner weirdo.

New Jersey teen Megan Flaherty is one such individual.

The senior at Pennsauken High School decided to stand out at her senior prom by showing up in a hearse. Then, after being removed by her date and driver, Flaherty did a Nosferatu-style rise from her coffin.

Image via: New York Daily News

For her morbid display, Flaherty admitted that “I like being different.” Furthermore, Flaherty told journalists that her unique entrance was inspired by her desire to become a funeral director after graduating college.

Stephen Caldwell, Flaherty’s date, and Dennis McGee, a family friend and the hearse’s driver, seemed totally cool with Flaherty’s strange style. At the very least, all three know that this is one prom that no one in Pennsauken will ever forget.

Featured image via: Bored Panda

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