Take A Dump Like A Trump On One Of These Golden Toilets

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When a series of golden toilets have begun popping up around Indianapolis and Muncie, Indiana nobody was entirely sure what exactly was going on. It was clearly political, each toilet and “Take a Trump!” written on its tanks but who had created and placed the toilets and why was a mystery. Under the lid of each toilet is an image of a pig wearing a crown, apparently inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Now a group calling themselves “Art Finksters” have taken credit for the installations and say there will be toilets popping up in high traffic areas in states as far apart as California and Texas. This is to be the first of many projects said the anonymous artist behind the golden street art who wants to raise people’s awareness of what is happening in their political system. The artist said:

“We are a group of tightly knit artists all over the country who have taken it upon ourselves to inform the masses about what’s going on in Washington and around the world,”

Art Finksters began after seeing the women’s marches after Trump’s inauguration “I contacted almost 100 people, and almost everybody was on board,” said the spokesperson. He posted each participant “Take a Trump” and pig stencils along with instructions to place the toilets in high foot traffic areas that would get lots of photographs and inspire conversation.

“Our future projects will bring more awareness to policies, legislation, foreign policy, etc.,” he said. “This was just the ice breaker.”

Featured Image: The Indy Channel

Meme Source: Reddit

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