Swimming Underwater On The Moon Will Make You Jump Like A Dolphin

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In life, we are full of “what ifs”, oftentimes, these what ifs result to a lot of discussion and possibilities.

These discussions and “intellectual mincing” of facts are what gives us enjoyment and wonder when you think about it.

A certain question piqued several people’s interest and was faced by a lot of theories.

So, the question was,

“What if there was a lake on the Moon? What would it be like to swim in it? Presuming that it is sheltered in a regular atmosphere, in some giant dome or something.”

Now, according to what I read, there are two explanations that made sense to me.

Since the question above stated that the water is sheltered in a regular atmosphere with a dome or something, then it can be presumed that the way you feel underwater here on Earth will be the same feeling you get when you swim on the moon. It has something to do with the inertia of water dragging you, but since the pool is sheltered then it won’t be much different.

Everything else, though, will be different, it will be way colder on the moon. The waves will be stronger and bigger, the splash you make when you dive will be more pronounced, and get this – when you jump out of the water, you will be able to do it like a dolphin!

The next thing that needs consideration is that what if the lake is not sheltered. Then the simplest explanation is that swimming underwater will feel like you are swimming in syrup, thick and sticky.

So, if you were to choose? A sheltered pool or the syrup swimming?

This makes me feel like trying to swim on the moon now.


Image via Pixabay.

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