North Korean Ships Keep Washing Ashore In Japan With Shocking Cargo (VIDEO)

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For years, Japan’s neighbors have been using the sea to quietly invade them. From China, Japanese fishermen have grown accustomed to the garbage that blows over to their side of the Pacific. From North Korea, a much more malodorous cargo has been washing ashore.

Since 2015, fourteen boats from North Korea have landed on Japan’s western shore. Almost all of these boats have shown up in rotten condition. Usually thirty-feet-long and flat-bottomed, these wooden and black tar ships arrive without reason.

Even worse, inside some of these ships, Japanese officials have discovered at least thirty corpses.

Due to the sheer amount of decomposition, the cause of death for many of these unnamed individuals cannot be determined.

Many theories abound as to why these “ghost ships” keep appearing. Some claim that the ships were doomed vessels that sought freedom from the oppressive regime of Kim Jong-un. Others argue that these vessels are nothing more than the last remains of poor and inexperienced fishermen who got caught in the rough seas.

Another explanation is that Kim Jong-un is forcing his citizens to work increased hours at sea in order to catch fish for his starving population. Under fear of death, North Korean fishermen literally work themselves to extinction in order to feed their families, friends, ands strangers.

North Korea has yet to issue any comment on the ships. It should be noted that Western news agencies have provided evidence showing that Pyongyang is trying to increase its fishing industry.

Featured image via: Los Angeles Times

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