Caitlin Jenner Was Asked What She’d Do If Trump Groped Her On Golf Course. She Said…

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Caitlyn Jenner has achieved a lot in one lifetime, Olympic success, a multitude of children, a reality TV show, and now it seems she is considering running for office. Since coming out as trans, Jenner has faced a lot of questions about her personal politics. Especially since she is a Trump voter who has conservative political leanings.

Jenner (like many others) has found herself saddened by the anti-trans policies from the GOP so far, even asking the president to call her to speak about it. Jenner has used her profile to comment on politics using social media.

In a recent interview James Corden asked her point blank whether she would run for politics:

I’ve been asked that question many times….

…Although I vote Republican I’m not a big supporter of the Republican party, I’m certainly not a big supporter of Trump, although the media has projected me there…

…I just have to look and see where I can look and see where I can do a better job for my community, from the outside, you know kinda working the outside of politics, cos unfortunately politics plays a big part of this or am I better off going from the inside? You know actually running for office and trying to make a change for my community that way. I have to make that decision and I don’t know at this point.

Corden then asked about a possible game of golf with Trump, as he invited her at his inauguration. Jenner was asked how she would react if he made inappropriate remarks or moves toward her during the game to which she said:

…I would have a driver in my hand.

Jenner is obviously annoyed with Republican and Trump policy and said if she were to play golf with the President she would use it as a business opportunity to promote issues affecting her community. However she also added that since the Trump government overturned Obama’s trans protection laws, she feels she could not go down and play golf with him without being destroyed by her community.

She then quipped:

…Plus I don’t think he wants to get beat by a 67 year old trans woman. I don’t know if he can handle that.

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