Watch Trump’s First 100 Days in 360 Seconds! (Spoiler Alert: They Sucked) (VIDEO)

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President Trump is known for his boastful claims. One of his most recent, since his 100-day mark, is that he has done more than any president since World War II. While this may be true, not-so-arguably the executive orders pressing to lay the groundwork to repeal the affordable care act, build a 1,900-mile wall through struggling villages, invoke a travel ban for Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia, and reviving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines are less than triumphant.

Nor is his glamourous promises to “drain the swamp” which led to an assembly of the least-diverse cabinet in the last 36 years. That’s right—Reagan had a more diverse cabinet than Trump.

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Consequently, Trump’s general approval ratings are lower than they have been than any president since WWII. However, his core support prevails.

Still unsure of how President Trump’s first 100 days have looked? Luckily, MSNBC spliced together the most prominent news footage from each day in office.

Below is “Trump’s First 100 Days in 360 Seconds.” Watch at your own will.

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