Spicer Is Hilariously Back On The Comedic Chopping Block (VIDEO)

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Stupidity is overflowing in President Donald Trump’s White House, and among those who can’t get over it is late night comedian, Seth Meyers.

The first one was during the daily press briefing of press secretary Sean Spicer. The reporters berated him because he promoted Trump’s border wall, which according to him was now replaced by a fence that was, in reality, being paid for by budgets under previous presidents.

The second example was during an exchange in “Face the Nation” where host John Dickerson interviewed Trump. During the said interview, Dickenson quoted George W. Bush when he said that “the reason that the Oval Office is round is because there is no corner for the president to hide.”

Meyers said:

“Obviously, it’s a metaphor about taking responsibility for your actions, yet Trump seemed to take it literally,”

Apparently, our very wise (you get the sarcastic tone, don’t you?) president took the statement very literally. He told Dickenson that the room was “open” and there was “nobody out there.”

Just imagine the effort Dickenson made to not laugh at Trump. He managed to politely explain what Bush really meant with the statement with Trump repeated “sure, sure, sure” as if he already knew that.

Meyers even mocked Trump as he gave a Trump impression while stating a joke:

“Trump’s like a guy who didn’t get a joke. ‘Take my wife! Please!’”

“Ok, where is she?” he said doing his Trump impression.

“Also, I want to point out that the metaphor he didn’t get was from George W. Bush. That’s where we’re at. The one thing George W. Bush never thought he’d do is go over someone’s head.”

Here’s the clip below:

Image is a screengrab from YouTube.

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