Now You Can Protest Even After You’re Dead — Mail Your Ashes To A GOP!

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“Will you die because of AHCA? Let them know.”

That is the opening banner for the website, a website that will ship your ashes to any GOP member of Congress of your choice if you die because of health issues that could have been prevented had Obamacare not been repealed.


The website states that millions of Americans will be affected by the full repeal of Obamacare, and states that Republicans deserve to know exactly what their gutting health care bill will do to many individuals.

And, they plan to protest the Affordable Health Care Act by sending the ashes of those whom the new health care bill has essentially killed due to holes or lapses in coverage as well as ailments that might prevent individuals from being covered altogether.

Yes, those would be called “preexisting conditions.” You know, those things President Donald Trump said he would have covered.

The shocking thing is, the claims on the website are not unfounded. Here is what’s happening: under the ACA, there is a “community rating,” which is charging the same premium price no matter the health status, and there is a “guarantee issuing,” which is providing coverage to anyone who applies. Under the ACHA, the states would be able to apply for a waiver that counts towards eliminating the community rating for a year, allowing health status underwriting to occur when issuing individual health insurance.

What is health status underwriting? Why, it’s the practice of reviewing someone’s medical records, assessing them based on possible health risks, and then electing to charge them a higher price because of those conditions.

So, while things such as rape are not technically considered a pre-existing condition, some of the things that can come with being raped — like the transmission of an STD or the mental trauma that might require psychological intervention in order to cope with the attack — can subject the victim to higher health insurance premiums.

No matter how you spin it, the victim is still paying the price for being a victim because of issues the attack made them vulnerable to.

So, in response to this insanity, allows whoever is sending your ashes to write a message stating why you died under the ACHA act. You can tell them you died because you couldn’t afford the 20% hike in health insurance costs after being found with a sexually-transmitted disease after being raped, or you can tell them you were someone in the elderly community that could have benefitted from the Medicaid funding they slashed within the walls of this bill.

Man, protesting is getting weird.

Send your ashes of fury to a GOP today! Rise like a Phoenix and let them know they killed you dead!

Maybe then someone will start listening to the general public they are attempting to govern.


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