Make Sure You Bring Those Hand Wipes Because In This Place STD’s Aren’t Reserved For Intimacy

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Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, obviously imply sexual contact. It would seem logical that if you really wanted to get an STD (why would you?), you would first have to have sex.

Well, throw logic out of the window, for there are some places where you can get an STD without doing the deed yourself.

In a new report by Cosmopolitan, six everyday and completely non-sexual objects and activities are scrutinized for their ability to transmit STDs. Fortunately, the chances of anyone getting an STD from such places and things is extremely low. However, the threat still exists.

Possible conduits for infection include lip balm, a beard, bikini wax, a tanning bed, and tattoos and piercings. Using or applying lip balm right after oral sex is a possible way to spread an STD, while a bad beautician who double dips bikini wax could be responsible for giving a sexually responsible person a case of crabs or herpes.

Image via: Medical News Today

Tanning beds are apparently germ and bacteria factories, with super-resistant strains flourishing under the the UV light. Some beds have been caught full of Staphylococcus, the herpes virus, HPV, and fecal matter.

As for beards, an unkempt or unwashed beard could contain everything from herpes to pubic lice. So, considering that, you may want to think again about smooching that hipster. He may just be a walking infection.

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