It Begins: Zombie Fox Attempts A Home Invasion (VIDEO)

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In some movies it begins with a plague outbreak. Others involve voodoo curses or the Book of Revelation. In real life, it may just start with one deranged fox in the Russian town of Usinsk.

In a terrifying video, a clearly bloodied fox bites and claws at what appears to be a metal doorstop. Then, just as the unnamed cameraman begins to back away, the angry-looking fox begins to claw at his front door.

Considering the bloody fox, the blood-drenched snow, and the the maniacal glean of the fox’s eye in the camera, this video is nothing sort of a horror film.

Amazingly, the fox’s two-inch fangs managed to make a nice little hole in the door before the man could properly close it. Some viewers have reacted to this with pity for the poor fox, while others have more less shouted: “Burn it with fire!”

Nobody is quite sure what caused the fox’s violent behavior.

The fox’s bruised, cut up, and scarred face may indicate that it had recently survived a nasty fight. Or, conversely, the fox could have been the heartless predator, and the blood streaking its face may have belonged to a now dead animal.

There is also the possibility that the fox carried rabies or some other infectious disease.

Whatever the case, this is one video guaranteed to generate nightmares.

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