If You’ve Eaten This Candy, You Know What Gunpowder Tastes Like

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Smarties. The pastel candy pellets that taste like someone dumped too much sugar into the Tums machine. Kids love them, parents eat them when there are no other desserts in the house, and idiotic teenagers snort them to show how hardcore they are before their grandmothers pick them up from school. Every single day, more than 700,000 pounds of Smarties are made and distributed throughout the world so people can experience that powdery sugar high while making funny drug jokes about the powder residue that sticks to their lips and fingers.

Ha Ha Ha.

Image from Pixabay/Public Domain.

However, what you might not know is that after World War II, the Dee family purchased gunpowder pellet machines and repurposed them to make the Smarties quicker and easier. This is what gives them their biconcave shape.

There’s your official word of the day, by the way.

In other words, the beginning powder for the Smarties is stuffed into these machines and they spit them out at lightening-fast speeds to create those beautiful little powdered discs that people mix in with their Halloween candy to make it stretch because they weren’t prepared for the barrage of children coming in from the adjacent neighborhood.

Newsflash: you should always prepare for the barrage of children coming in from the adjacent neighborhood.

At any rate, many people feel strongly about this pseudo-gunpowder candy, but no one feels more strongly than Chef Gordon Ramsay.


Featured image courtesy of eBay.

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