The Inducer Pizza Has An Unusual Side Effect

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Hawthorne’s New York Pizza and Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina has recently seen an uptick in its pregnant clientele. The reason? One of the company’s pizza pies promises to help women to give birth.

Apparently, pregnant women believe that consuming the “The Inducer,” which comes with medium-hot Buffalo sauce, mozzarella cheese, and chicken, helps their water to break. One mother, Henley Schmiedel, claims that she was rushed to the hospital within hours of eating the “The Inducer.”

Schmiedel is not alone in her experience. Kristin Hogan had just one slice of “The Inducer” before her water broke. In 2010, Ali Aldrich had a several slices of “The Inducer” and gave birth the next morning.

Because these stories and others have been shared on social media, Hawthorne’s has become the desired destination of those pregnant women who are simply “done” with their baby bump.

Although there is no scientific evidence concerning whether or not some foods can induce labor, many generations of women have opted for spicy foods in order to give birth.

Image via: Charlotte Five

Whether or not “The Inducer” does indeed help to facilitate birth, the rumor is certainly helping Hawthorne’s business. The pizza restaurant has become a local landmark, with widespread coverage by Charlotte media.

Featured image via: The Sun

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