Apparently Trump Doesn’t Understand What Bipartisanship Means

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Before we get to the infamous babbling of one President Donald Trump, let’s define what a government shutdown is and what it does very quickly.

A government shutdown is a process whereby the Executive Branch of the U.S. government enters when legislation cannot be passed to fund government agencies and operations.

Why do these shutdowns happen? Because Congress cannot agree on where the appropriate funds should be funneled, so a “funding gap” occurs where people who are paid federal workers can no longer be paid for the jobs they do.

So, in a government shutdown, these jobs temporarily cease to be worked. Military personnel are no longer paid on time and government employees are even deterred from checking their official emails from home after being asked not to come into work.

The term “shutdown” is literal when this happens.

Shutdowns in the past have even affected things such as schools operating, garbage collection being offered, and one particular shutdown had massive long-standing effects on the local Washington, D.C. municipal government.

So, when decisions like the agreement to keep the government open through September are passed, it simply adds a temporary band-aid to place over a much larger problem: bipartisan arguing.

In order for any bill to make it to a vote, there has to be a debate. In Congress, those debates can rage on for quite some time before it is agreed upon to take a vote. That vote only requires 50% plus 1 vote, which is a bare minimum majority. However, if those debates continue to rage on, the bill never reaches the voting process.

But, you can stop the debating process by enacting something called a cloture vote, which requires 60 votes in order to shut down the deliberating process and get the bill passed.

Enter in: Trump’s Twitter account.

What he does not understand is that everything projects itself towards one idea: bipartisanship. This country’s multi-party system means people work together while representing different factions of an entire nation.

It does not mean that one party simply gets to take over because there are more of them.

This is why “changing the rules” is unacceptable. It removes this idea of bipartisanship and reinforces the bullying idea of “I have more, therefore, I am right.”

This isn’t a casino. Shutting down the U.S. government cost isn’t cheap. In the 2013 shutdown, it cost the United States $450,000 a day in lost revenue at National Parks, $2.4 billion was lost in travel spending, and a whopping $24 billion was lost in total economic output.

And that shutdown only lasted 16 days.

Whether he doesn’t understand the economic travesty of what he is calling for or whether he believes that taking away Congress’s paycheck would do some good (newsflash: Congress still gets paid during a government shutdown. Shocker.), he obviously does not understand the consequences of this particular governmental action.

But, the word “shutdown” is in quotes, so maybe he doesn’t actually mean a government shutdown.

Maybe he simply means “broadly closing doors and other activities.”


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