Japanese Puffer Fish Leave Giant Mysterious Crop Circles (VIDEO)

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In 1995, Japanese scientists began to notice intricate designs in the sand, some up to 7 feet in diameter. Where did these crops circles come from? Aliens? For nearly 20 years, this has been a mystery.

Recently, the answer was found: Japanese puffer fish. Even more recently this phenomenon was caught on film.

These meticulous bastards will spend hours on end designing intricate structures in the sand. They move up and down in deeply choreographed motions. Back, forth. They carve and carve and carve until they have created a mesmerizing circular structure like a sundial or a medallion out of the curves and ridges in the sand. Each peak of these ridges is a perfectly place sea shell. Upon aerial view, the sculpture is hypnotizing as it is symmetrical.

The most curious aspect of these fish is that it’s not as though they majored in architecture or have a protractor in their pocket—they just do it. Something in their nature calls to them, and that’s why they begin their design. Other puffers come and are infatuated by their sexual counterpart—completely absorbed in their spirit and practice.

If the female approves of the design, they will lay eggs in the center. Males will fertilize these eggs externally. Afterward, the female will disappear and the male will guard the eggs (and their masterpiece) until they hatch.

Click below to watch these lil buggers at work!

Featured image via Pixabay

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