Trump Too Scared To Upset China And Mexico So He Turns On Big Bad Canada

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During his campaign President Business repeatedly promised to build a wall, call out China for currency manipulation and “get tough on trade.”

Here we are post 100 days and China is, miraculously, no longer a currency manipulator according to Trump, so he claims he no longer needs to do anything. The famed border wall is crawling along, no doubt to be mired in issues that are nothing to do with the Donald and will probably never be built at all. If it was all those big businessmen in the cabinet would be upset because of the sudden absence of cheap labor.

So the time has come to fix the most anti-American issue facing the states today. Canada.

Yes, the great white north has suddenly found itself in the cross-hairs with a 20% tariff slapped on the Canadian softwood entering the US. The same Canadian softwood American construction companies are using to build homes in the US, so you can expect the American home buyer to be the final payer because the corporate entities involved aren’t going to loose a penny.

This comes just after POTUS declared the Canadian dairy industry “a disgrace” for supporting the Canadian dairy farmers in Canada. You know, just like Don keeps saying he will support American companies in the US but hasn’t quite gotten around to doing yet.

It is likely this whole issue is posturing so Don can make it look like he has the Canadians and Mexicans are begging to renegotiate NAFTA. He’ll back down on his threats in exchange for concessions that make his friends more money, and the rest of the population will never see any benefit.


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