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Californian ‘Sisters Of The Valley’ Are The GREENEST Nuns You Will Ever Meet (VIDEO)

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There is an unusual commune of ‘Sisters’ on a farm in Merced, California. This is a place where marijuana is being farmed, processed, smoked, and used to produce various products. While these Sisters of the Valley look like traditional Catholic nuns, don’t be fooled by their headwear. They are actually an anti-religious group who follow pre-Christian practices. Their ‘holy trinity’ involves:

Honoring mother earth,  honoring people in two ways through making medicines for them and healing them, but the third thing is in our progressive activism… for the poor people around us.

The sisters process their marijuana, they distill it into oils and then infuse into various products. They are economically successful selling over three quarters of a million dollars worth of products each year to customers in England, Canada, and Australia.

One of their products is a salve, which is a muscle balm. They claim it helps to relieve symptoms of arthritis, sore joints and muscles. They also claim the ‘food-grade’ product helps with  toothache, migraine, and ear aches.

Their leader known as ‘Sister Kate’ has said they sometimes get hate calls, but she also says:

The minute they look beneath the surface and see we are dealing with cancer patients and are serious women on a serious mission, they don’t really hold any grudge against us.

There are Pagan aspects to their practices in that they worship nature and prepare their medicine according to moon cycles. While marijuana is legal in California, it is still considered illegal federally in the United States. Of authorities Sister Kate says:

They’re watching us. And I know that if we would give them a reason, they would shut us down. Our plan is to have round the clock security until we feel safe: guns, gates, fences — but none of that thrills me.


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Bible meme via Rastaman Liberated WordPress site.

Watch the nuns at work here:


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