Crappy Situation: Texas Woman Gets Hand Stuck In The Worst Place Possible (VIDEO)

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We all have bad days. Sometimes, these bad days turn into incredibly embarrassing bad days. One woman in New Caney, Texas had her horrible, terrible, not-so-good day reported online for millions to read about and watch.

Gracie Henderson, in an attempt to manually fix a clogged toilet, put her left hand into the bowl. She didn’t fix the issue, but instead created a new one that was far worse.

“I thought maybe I’d grab it, and problem solved,” Henderson said. “But I didn’t find it, and [my hand] got stuck.”

Initially, Henderson thought a nearby plumber could solve her messy predicament. No dice.

Eventually, first responders from the local fire department had to be called in to rescue Henderson’s hand.

The sheer horror of the entire event was compounded by two things: Henderson’s friends and family recorded her ordeal, plus Henderson herself is a medic.

Ultimately, with the sun going down behind the trees, firefighters used a hammer to break apart Henderson’s commode and free her hand.

The video of Henderson’s escape from her stinky prison was posted on Facebook by her friend Nicole Mullins. The video has been shared over 11,000 times.

Henderson seems to have taken everything in stride, with a big smile masking her humiliation.

If nothing else, this story may finally get Henderson to invest in a plunger.

Featured image via: WISHTV

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