The Moment Everyone Wants To Throw Their Computer Out A Window

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Couples on social media.

Everyone has them: those nauseating people on Facebook that make you thankful for the “unfollow” button. People who are growing up in an era where the word “private” is being replaced with the word “crunk” and the concept of conversation is being replaced with the concept of sexting. Our culture is permeated with a constant bombardment of sounds, information, and ego-driven media message boards that scream the message, “Me, me, me, me, and more me.”

It’s no wonder our social media feeds are filled with things that should be kept private.

The only good thing to come from all of this oversharing is the fact that we get a true-to-life glimpse into fabulous couples who take public displays of affection to an entirely different level.

1. From Pillow Talk To Public Talk

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail.

2. They Broadcast All Their Faults

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail.

3. And No Longer Worry About Who’s At The Table

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail.

4. Or Why He’s Going Through Your Stuff

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail.

5. Even Though We All Want To

Photo courtesy of SheKnows.

6. Or Slap Them In The Back Of The Head

Photo courtesy of AcidCow.

7. There Will Always Be Someone Complicit In The Act

Photo courtesy of IdiotsOnFB.

8. Before It All Comes Tumbling Down

Photo courtesy of Angvl/Tumblr.

No matter the level of sharing that continues to happen in the future with nauseating couples and crushing heartbreaks like these, only one thing is for certain:

We will be there to capture every single moment.

Photo courtesy of IdiotsOnFB.


Featured image courtesy of SomeECards.

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