The Show Will NOT Go On – At Least Not Without An Exorcism (VIDEO)

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Actors can be a rather picky lot. The usual assortment of divas, prima donnas, and arrogant self-aggrandizers tend to be a drag on almost every production.

However, actors at the Old Granada Studios in Manchester, England have continually cut short their rehearsals for a very odd reason–ghosts.

According to many thespians and technicians at the studio, the former Coronation Street soundstage is particularly rife with paranormal activity. One actor refused to keep calm and carry on after they claimed that they experienced something supernatural.

The haunted soundstage has been investigated before, most notably by the crew of the British television show Most Haunted in 2005. This time around though, several actors sought out the help of an exorcist in order to clear the air.

This so-called “last resort” measure may have finally removed all the ghosts from the building. Then again, the exorcism could have failed, and the dead actors or whatever they are may just stay around forever.

The acting profession is no stranger to hauntings and curses. Indeed, it has long been rumored that William Shakespeare recorded a real black magic spell in his play Macbeth, thus “cursing” future productions to random accidents and unfortunate deaths.

Across the pond in Hollywood, the center of the movie industry apparently has its fair share of specters. Many of these glamorous ghosts particularly like to haunt the old sound studios of old.

Featured image via: The Daily Mirror

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