5 Crazy What If Scenarios That Will Leave You Thinking For Hours

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We all have our own versions of the famous line “what if..” What if you took the job, what if you didn’t.

What if you took the job, what if you didn’t?

What if you kissed the girl, what if you didn’t?

What if you were never born?

What if your parents never met?

What if you were the opposite sex?

These are just some of the questions that don’t really have a concrete answer but would leave you thinking for hours because of the possible answers and solutions that you may think of while trying to answer your question.

In this article, we made a list of the world’s biggest “What ifs” and answers will be provided. Hey, we don’t want you to spend the next couple of days thinking about the possible answers, we’re nice that way!

1. What if the moon disappears?

Source: Pixabay

If you already watched Despicable Me, you know that¬†Gru’s plot was to steal the moon. A long stretch, although it was done eventually, it was not long until he returned it.

So, if ever the moon was to disappear, in the long run, would it affect the Earth?

If the moon disappears, the first notable thing that will happen is that the waves in our oceans will not be as strong. The moon’s gravity apparently causes the water to pull back from the shore only to flow back. The waves will not disappear completely though because the sun also affects the waves, but the decrease with the current will be noticeable.

Another thing is that without the moon pushing the tides, the Earth’s rotation will dramatically slow down, which will turn our days longer over thousands of years.

A long-term effect that we will notice when the moon disappears is that the Earth will lose its stability on its axis around the sun, we will have days of years in different lengths and we will have major climate change.

2. What if the Earth doubles its size?

Source: Pixabay

If you sleep today and in a very unlikely leap of fate, the Earth doubles its size overnight, the first thing you’ll notice is that you are probably sleeping on the floor. Doubling the size of the Earth means everything until the mass and gravity will double, your bed may not be able to take the stress and would probably collapse.

Trying to stand up will also prove to be harder as you will have to deal with twice as much weight as you are used to. Everything that you are used to doing will be twice heavier.

The Earth doubling its size is not going to be friendly with people. Doubling the weight of everything means that our bones and joints will have to carry more weight and it will just be a matter of time until it collapses and gives up. Our hearts will also have to work overtime.

Another thing that will be noticeable is that tall trees will collapse and will never grow again, they will not be able to bear the double weight.

Eventually, people will evolve and adapt to that and will have stronger lower bodies than today because of the weight. Trees will also remain short, no more towering trees, or worse, no more trees at all.

3. What if the dinosaurs never went extinct?

Source: Pixabay

Several million years ago, the Earth was inhabited by dinosaurs. But a big Asteroid that hit the Earth in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico resulted in massive fires and then filled the Earth with smoke and dust while eventually cooling of the planet resulting to all its inhabitants to die off.

Remember Arlo? The Good Dinosaur? In the intro of that movie, the asteroid went past Earth and the dinosaurs were living alongside human.

Which is probably true, dinosaurs would be living on Earth until now if they didn’t all die. But the thing is, we might now be living at all. The dinosaurs will remain on top of the food chain, and the possibility that human would evolve to how we are now is very unlikely.

4. What if the sun dies?

Source: Pixabay

If the sun dies, will we freeze? Yes, we will, but not immediately. Just like putting something warm in a refrigerator, it will take some time before it totally freezes.

Within a week of the sun’s death, the Earth’s temperature will drop down to 0. Within a year we will have to endure -100. The ocean surfaces will freeze, but it will take several million years to freeze all the water on Earth because the ice on the surface will insulate the water below.

How about us? We may have to build thermal habitats, or we may live under submarines where it’s not freezing yet. Food will also be hard to come by because vegetations will not survive. So, I guess we should say hello to seafood all our lives then?

5. What if you jumped into the hole through the middle of the Earth?

Source: Pixabay

Technically, it is impossible to dig a tunnel from one side of the Earth to the other side, but for the sake of this list, let’s see what will happen.

Ignoring the rotation of the Earth and friction, if you dropped into a hole, you will start with a speed of zero. You will just pick up speed as you get near the center, your speed may reach up to 17,671 miles per hour. Upon passing the center of the Earth, you will decelerate until you go back to zero again.

You will then pop out of the other side of the Earth. Think about the movie Enchanted. Your journey will take you 42 minutes, maybe that is enough time to think about what you will say to people who will witness your “popping out” on the other side.

What if meme
Photo via Meme Super.

I hope we had shed light to some of the what ifs that will never let you stop thinking about it. What’s your biggest what if?


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