5 Active Serial Killers That You Might Be Crossing Paths With

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Everytime we watch the news, it is impossible to finish it without hearing about a crime that was committed near you. Robberies, holdups, and even petty ones like vandalism are somewhat common and are usually forgotten the next day.

When it comes to murder, though, every news leaves a mark on our mind, a mark that when triggered will become a full blown paranoia or anxiety. That’s just one murder, what happens when we talk about serial killers? And what’s more is that they might be active and you might even be crossing paths with them as you go about your daily life.

Here are some active serial killers that committed their murders not too far in the past, and that might still be active now.

1. Edgecombe County Killer

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Since 2005, 10 black women have disappeared in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, nine of them were found murdered. All the victims were involved in sex trades and were having issues with substance abuse.

The killer was also called “The Seven Bridges Killer,” may still be at large. The police convicted a man named Antwan Maurice Pittman who was convicted of the murder of one of the victims. People are not convinced though, that he was the Seven Bridges killer, so the real one might still be at large after all.

2. The Jennings Killings

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Also in May 2005, a state of perpetual horror has been stuck in Jennings, Louisianna as eight women were found murdered and dumped close to a small town’s back road.

What do they have in common? They were all women who hung out at a certain club, no doubt with the wrong kind of people, and they all had issues with substance abuse.

Another notable common thing that they all have is that they were sadistically murdered and no one has been caught for it. This naturally spawned some rumors that there was a high official involved like the police and that the killer is still on the loose.

3. The Long Island Serial Killer

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Over the last 15 years, several remote beach towns became witnesses of dumped bodies. The Long Island serial killer has been active for many years and his method of killing is improving as he is gaining confidence in his crime.

At first, his victims were dismembered and he would scatter the body parts in several places. As he gets more into it, his recent victims are not dismembered, they were all intact and dumped underneath thick brushes very close to roadways.

According to the FBI, the killer has a close tie with the law enforcement, how else would he know the plans and proceedings of the police? The killings are premeditated and nobody was ever caught as the killer.

4. Mexicali Ripper

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Since 2008, the multitude of female murders in Mexicali has shown such remarkable similarities that police are now convinced that a serial killer or even possibly a group or serial killers are the ones responsible for targeting women in the city.

Some people are speculating that the killings may be the work of one family in accordance with the growing crime rate related to drug and organized crime. This changed in July 2011 when the attorney general confirmed that this was, in fact, a work of a madman and not a family with drug or crime related agenda.

5. The Smiley Face Killer

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This must be the most shocking story in this set. Among all the other serial killers in this list, the Smiley Face Killer has killed the most victims, more than 200 to be more precise.

Over the years, the frightening number of young men drowning all over the USA piqued the FBI’s interest. The stories are the same, a young man disappears after a night of partying only to be found drowned after a certain time. The Smiley face theory came about when it was noticed that a graffiti depicting a smiley face had been found in almost all the drowning sites.

It was then confirmed that the drownings weren’t accidental but a work of a serial killer that came to be known as the Smiley Face Killer, and by the way, may still be at large today.

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These are just some of the serial killers that may still be at large today. So, you know what to do, be vigilant and always stay safe!


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