#SpicerSpinsMoviePlots Come Too Close For Comfort (TWEETS)

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The hashtag #SpicerSpinsMoviePlots came about after several blunders made by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer during the throes of his job. His job-titled defense of President Donald Trump’s speeches, unedited moments, and candid appearances have brought him to his knees in front of millions on national television with personal meltdowns over truths and the utilization of alternate facts in an attempt to bolster the Trump administration’s legitimacy as well as cover the president’s rear end when he begins to talk out of it.

So, in elegant Twitter fashion, they came together to get into busted-bulb-filament Spicer’s head, delivering beautiful handmade tweets for our own personal enjoyment.

These priceless works of art are movie plots defended and summed up with a nice Spicer twist, giving us all a healthy dose of hysterical laughter as well as quiet, depressing realizations about our current president’s administration and the way they are handling things.

You would think if someone’s job was to always talk, then they would be good at always talking.

Oh, well. More ammunition for Twitter.

God bless Twitter. It will keep us all sane through this administration.

Got any better ones? Post them below!

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter/cat_guy_steve.

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