Mayan People Seemed To Love Their Wine – Butt They Drank It In An Odd Way (IMAGES/VIDEO)

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The ancient Mayans contributed a lot to society, including an extensive writing system and their famous calendar. Their day to day life, however, was a bit odd.

1. Children of the Corn

When it comes to our origins, there are several theories. For example, some people still believe in creationism. There’s also the Scientology theory, which claims that man was put on earth billions of years ago by the galactic dictator Xemu.

The Mayans believed we came from corn.

To better resemble their roots, they practiced head binding. It was also common among many other ancient civilizations. Since it’s pretty much impossible to reshape a human skull, they started with infants. The end result was a corn-shaped head.

Source: Fruitpunchline Via Wikimedia Commons/CC -By-SA-2.0

2. Tooth Bling

Archaeologists have discovered some Mayan teeth with gems placed inside. Their dentistry was a bit different, though.

They actually had to drill a hole into the tooth before inserting a gem. It was primarily done among the wealthy, although no amount of money could probably make up for that kind of pain.

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

3. Deadly Volleyball

The Mayans enjoyed playing a little game called Pok-a-Tok. It came from the Olmecs and consisted of passing around a 10-pound ball. Not with a bat or their hands, though.

Their midsections.

Needless to say, many people died from internal bleeding. And because no ancient civilization was complete without some sacrifices, the Mayans often made prisoners of war play and then killed the losing team for their gods.

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

4. Butt Wine

Drinking alcohol out of a glass is boring. The Mayans thought so, at least. So they kicked things up a notch and poured it directly into their anus, where it absorbed right into their membranes. They had a specific alcohol, too.

They consumed something called Balchee, which came from a tree. To make it more palatable, they added corn and anise. Who cares about the taste when it’s just going up your butt, though.

Source: Screenshot Via YouTube
Source: Make A Meme

There’s also a disturbing trend of teenagers doing this with cough syrup. Please take it orally and only when you’re sick, you youngeons.

Watch this video for more interesting facts about the Mayans.

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Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via YouTube

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