Grave-Robbing Italian Gangsters’ Bizarre Plot To Steal A Speed Demon Foiled (VIDEO)

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When you’re famous, even death won’t keep you safe from the adoring public. Or criminals.

In a rather bizarre bid to earn some quick cash, a 30-man drug gang in Italy concocted a plot wherein they would dig up the body of Enzo Ferrari, the legendary car manufacturer, and hold the corpse for ransom.

The thugs were planning on asking for $10 million.

According to the Italian carabinieri, or military police, the plot centered around criminal cells in northern Italy and the island of Sardinia. All told, 34 people were arrested in connection with the strange conspiracy.

Another 11 individuals connected to the case were also arrested and charged with drug and illegal weapons offenses.

Born in 1898, Enzo Ferrari, who is synonymous with the sleek and fast luxury cars that bear his surname, built an automotive empire starting in the late 1920s. Prior to designing and creating cars, Ferrari was a world champion race car driver, newspaper owner, and soldier.

Colonel Saverio Ceglie, the head of the carabinieri, has claimed that the captured criminals are members of a Sardinian kidnapping organization called Anonima Sequestri.

The group takes its name from a Sardinian bandit named Graziano Mesina, who, at over seventy years old, remains behind bars for various kidnapping conspiracies.

As for Ferrari, twenty-years after his death at the age of 90, his remains still lie peacefully at Modena’s San Cataldo Cemetery.

Featured image via: NBC News

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