The World’s Sperm Is In Trouble

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A 14-year study, involving 30,000 men has come to the conclusion that human sperm quality has declined significantly. The study discovered that 56 percent of the sperm-donor applicants tested qualified to donate in 2001 because their sperm met standards of healthiness. In 2015, only 18 per cent qualified.

Other scientists have discovered that up to 90 percent of sperm in healthy young men are deformed, sometimes with two heads or two tails. Those that are properly equipped with just the one head or one tail are often pathetic swimmers making a minimal effort to get to the prize before their fellow sperm do.

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Not only are sperm growing weak, erratic and double headed, but their numbers are also down overall with sperm counts around the world dropping fast and lowering fertility levels across the board. Dr. Shanna Swan, an epidemiologist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai revealed researchers had also linked semen problems to a shorter life expectancy.

On top of the issue of declining sperm counts and quality, there is an increase, in many countries,  in cases of testicular cancer, undescended testicles, and hypospadias – a congenital deformity where urethra exits the side or base of the penis instead of the tip.

It would appear that by the time they are born, men are already affected by endocrine-disrupting chemicals which mimic hormones and disrupt the process of becoming male while fetal development is just beginning in the womb.

These chemicals are found in cosmetics, plastics, pesticides, and because of leaching into the water table, our drinking water. The only way to decrease their effect on the human reproductive system is to reduce, or preferably stop their use on an industrial scale.

Tips to reduce your personal exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals can be found here. It may be too late for those of us already here, but by limiting the next generation’s exposure, we may improve the state of their sperm and give the human species a fighting chance.


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