Climate Change Creates Natural Explosives In Siberia (VIDEO)

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The Yamal Peninsula of Siberia is a desolate wasteland, frozen solid and mostly still from life itself. The region, coated in a thick layer of permafrost, has been dubbed the “Sleeping Land” because of its unmoving nature. The ice is so thick, in fact, the whole area has been characterized by this inhabitable nature.

However, all that it changing.

Rapid data spikes resulting from climate change, effecting winds, currents, and water temperature, is causing the permafrost to deplete at an exponential rate each year.

These massive sheets of ice are speckled with pockets of methane. When released, the greenhouse gas is capable of shielding heat from escaping the atmosphere 20 times as much as carbon dioxide.

And, as the permafrost is melting from heat radiation and the warming of the earth’s interior, the ice is depleting from the top down and the bottom up.

This, undoubtedly, has researchers shitting themselves.

While scientists are frantically crunching the numbers as to what climate change’s effects have on our future as a result of these methane traps, however, recreationalists are doing something else entirely—playing.

Countless videos have sprung on the internet of people jabbing into these pockets of methane and lighting them, creating a large explosion out of the ice.

At least the permafrost is putting a smile on some enthusiast’s faces before it brings them to their inevitable death.

Check out the video below to see a compilation of folks who give “fire in the hole” an entirely new meaning.

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