Why Did You Fire Brad’s Wife? Is The Question Lighting Up The Internet

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A man named Brad Byrd posted a cryptic question on the Cracker Barrell Store’s Facebook page this week. He simply asked, “Why did you fire my wife?”

Suddenly, it took the internet by storm. People all over Twitter and Facebook were asking Cracker Barrell why they fired his wife, Nanette, who had worked there for 11 years.

KJRH News reported:

“Cracker Barrel has not commented about the termination, most companies don’t answer questions regarding a person’s departure, but that surely won’t stop the internet from searching for #justiceforbradswife in the meantime. It won’t stop Byrd either, as he pointed out in his post Thursday morning.”

The page kept posting things about berries on pancakes and food made on cast-iron skillets, but the internet would not be deterred from their quest to find out why Brad’s wife was fired. The hashtag, #JusticeForBradsWife, has been trending.

Here are some of the best tweets with the hashtag on it:

Of course, they bring up Harambe:

Featured image via Twitter.

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