Drunk Workers Cost BMW More Than Time

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In an automotive manufacturing plant production shutdowns are rare, but when they happen, they can be quite costly for the company in terms of time and financial loss. For BMW, a recent production shutdown occured for a very unusual reason.

Typically a shutdown occurs due to an accident or a disovered error in the manufacturing process. However, at BMW’s Munich production plant, two drunk employees forced the plant to suspend production for 40 minutes.

According to the German publication Deustche Welle, it all began when the duo drank “copious amounts of alcohol” and smoked synthetic marijuana in their lock rooms. The potent combination proved to be too much for the men, and they fell unconscious at their posts at 10:40 pm.

This caused their colleauges to call an ambulance, which in turn caused the line to grind to a halt while both men were taken out of the plant.

One of the workers had a high amount of alcohol in his blood, and was taken to a second clinic for further treatment. The 40 minute shutdown, and the events that ensued cost BMW an estimated $1.06 million, which is a lofty sum for an automaker to pay.

As for the fate of the two drugged out workers, one was allegedly fired, while the other was moved to a diffrent facility.

Featured image via: BMW

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