A Magical Look At The Trailer For The Live-Action Adaptation Of ‘The Little Mermaid’ (VIDEO)

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The first trailer for the live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” has been released, and it looks absolutely enchanting. However, this little mermaid is not the one from the beloved Disney film, it is from the original book.

The movie, based on the book by Hans Christian Andersen, may not have Sebastian or the amazing musical number with dancing fish, but it has an awesome cast and breathtaking magical scenes. The movie looks to be a musical ,and though the book is dark, they seem to have adapted it well for kids.

However, if the original isn’t what you are looking for, Ariel and Sebastian will be making their debut later this year when Disney releases their live-action version of the fairy tale classic. There are also talks that a live-action “Mulan” and “Aladdin” are in the works as well.

With the hit success of “Beauty and the Beast”, we are excited to see that movie makers are jumping on this real life genre of classic cartoon movies. Beyond just the entertainment value these movies are creating real life characters that have both moral integrity, and strength in character, something that will be nice to show our kids for once.

The awesome trailer:

Featured image via Corriere.

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