SATIRE: Breaking News About Trump That A Lot Of Us Suspected All Along

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Twitter, oh, Twitter!

Such a fabulous place to share ideas and to point out other people’s insanity.

The Huffington Post reports that last weekend the social media site was filled with tweets about Donald Trump. Oh, I know, that part’s not unusual.

But Saturday Night Live had used an opening skit that featured the President facing a desperate situation as the earth was attacked by hostile aliens. Predictably, the President in the skit was completely unprepared to deal with the crisis and the soldiers around him were left to figure out a response.

Pretty funny, as usual for SNL!

But the tweets that spun off of the skit were even better. As the Huffington Post  wrote, everyone was speculating about whether or not Trump is a “space alien.” They reassure us that using quotes marks means they can say whatever they want with no worries. Sweet!

It started out with questions about the President’s birth certificate, which is funny in itself. Then it really took off. Here are a few examples to show you how much fun Twitter can be.

As the satirical tweets took hold, so much about Trump added to the humor. For example, is that hair an alien invader? That question has been making the rounds on Twitter for quite a while. Kind of obvious why, huh?

Of course, the situation is made even funnier when we look at some people who take the idea of Trump as an “alien” more seriously. Like this tightly wrapped conservative pundit talking to Sean Hannity, for example.

She might not have meant it in the “space alien” way, but its still too good to ignore. If Trump is an “alien organism” injected by the American people and being rejected by the body politic, this guy agrees.

Its been months since facts have mattered at all in relation to the man who now lives in the White House (Mon-Fri anyway). He and his people have a habit of just plain making stuff up and sending it out into the world.

Let’s see what they do with this theory.

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