Brazil’s President Leaves His Residence For This Haunting Reason

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Last summer, the entire nation of Brazil was thrown into turmoil thanks to numerous corruption allegations directed at then President Dilma Rousseff. Although Rousseff’s own Workers’ Party (PT) characterized the allegations as nothing more than a right-wing coup against a democratically-elected politician, the Federal Senate voted to impeach Rousseff based on evidence showing that her government and other politicians accepted kickbacks from the semi-public oil giant Petrobras.

With Rousseff gone, Vice President Michel Temer of the center-right Brazilian Democratic Movement Party was chosen by the senators to become Brazil’s acting president. Now Temer is running away from Brasilia’s Alvorado Palace.

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According to multiple reports, Temer and his wife, the First Lady Marcela Temer, felt that “bad vibes” permeated the presidential palace in the nation’s capital of Brasilia. Specifically, Temer told the Brazilian magazine Veja that he and his wife started thinking that these bad vibes were emanating from the spiritual realm.

“We even started to wonder: could there be ghosts?”

At least one source claims that the 33-year-old First Lady called on a Catholic priest in order to cleanse the home of all negative energy. Apparently the priest failed, for the First Lady, the 76-year-old President, and their 7-year-old son Michelzinho packed up and relocated to the traditional home of the Vice President.

For Temer, ghosts may be the least of his worries these days. The figurehead of Brazil’s combative “Bible, beef, and bullets” lobby is facing corruption allegations of his own, along with criticisms concerning Temer’s inclusion of only white men in his cabinet.

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