Dead Shark Spotted At Walmart Parking Lot

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We’ve all seen Jaws. If they’re provoked, sharks can be very harmful creatures. On average, 82 unprovoked shark attacks take place yearly around the world. A small selection of that turn out to become fatal.

While the majority of the East Coast is trekking through freezing temperatures and the usual snowfall, St. Augustine, Florida is reaching an average of 70 degrees this month, which makes it feel like an early spring treat for those in the state. One Friday afternoon, Walmart coworkers felt as if they were in a horror film when they made a shocking discovery near their store.

A group of employees, including cart collector Silas Ware II, found a large shark lying in the parking lot. The closest beach near the area was five miles away, but someone the police have an understanding of how it got there. The shark was originally inside an RV in the parking lot earlier that day. The owner of the vehicle had no clue how to dispose of the dead animal, so they simply dropped it off to let the store employees figure it out on their own.

What kind of shark was it? Dr. Jim Gelsleichter, who is an associate professor of biology at the University of North Florida, states:

“It does look like there’s a black spot to the bottom edge of the fin and it also appears to have black tips on the second dorsal fin…. This is a pretty long shark for me anyway… This is probably about a four and a half to five foot animal, and that’s pretty common for this species.”

This wasn’t the only shark incident to hit the town that day; hours later, the police received a call about a dead shark found near a North Beach home. There’s no word yet if these two incidents are somehow linked together.

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