Molto Bene! NASA Just Discovered A Space Ravioli (VIDEO)

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As surprising as it sounds, not everyone gets excited about science. For example, NASA recently discovered seven new planets that seem like they’d be hospitable to human life.

Big whoop, right?

Well, if that incredible announcement didn’t get your heart racing, how about this one?

Everyone can get behind the discovery of a big space ravioli.

Saturn apparently has a moon shaped just like a big fat ravioli. The moon is named “Pan.” The image of this tiny orbiting object was taken by NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft. The craft is unmanned, which is why no one tried to grate some cheese and go investigate the flying pasta.

Cassini took the image from more than 15,000 miles away from Pan. The bulge that is seen at the equator of the tiny moon is a cause of some debate among scientists.

Contrary to the belief of some observing Italian Nonnis, the bulge is unlikely to be filled with ricotta or wild mushrooms. Instead, the prevailing belief is that it’s a collection of space dust.

Pan is one of three moons of Saturn to have the distinctive ravioli shape. Pan is the closest moon to the planet, and it orbits within a 200 mile gap in one of the rings. As it travels around Saturn, the scientists believe, it may be churning up enough cosmic dust to give it the bulging shape.

These three moon are the only ones known to science that have the bulgy middles. The rest of Saturn’s 62 moons are less exciting, although one of them, Titan, is the most earth-like world yet discovered.

If it turns out at some point that this Earth is no longer hospitable to human life, we may need to head off to another world.

One can only imagine the political and philosophical discussions that will take place as humans try to choose between an earth twin and a huge ravioli.

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