Kids Hilariously Interrupt Live BBC Interview (VIDEO)

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During a very serious live interview on BBC News, Professor Robert Kelly found himself unexpectedly interrupted by his children prancing into the room one-by-one to check out what daddy’s doing.

In a video that just gets funnier and funnier, Kelly is discussing the implications of the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye when his toddler struts into the room. Kelly tries to gently push his little one back, and it seems like the situation is under control until a baby walker appears through the doorway.

And next? Well, you’ll just have to watch:

We can’t help but admire his wife’s ninja-like moves as she dives into the room to wrangle her kids and not-so-subtly pulls the door closed after the last little toes make it across the threshold.

And if you’re wondering what Professor Kelly is thinking during all of this, we think this face says it all:

Kelly’s complete lack of movement during his kids’ escapades leaves us with only one question: Is he wearing pants below that suit top?


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