Is This NASA Footage Of Spaceship? (VIDEO)

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Amazing  footage has been recorded from the International Space Station (ISS) of what appears to be a huge spacecraft of some kind. There are members of the public who are monitoring the International Space Station footage searching for anything unusual. When they find something, we hear about it.

The footage that has been uploaded to YouTube by Streetcap1 and it seems to show a long craft with round lights at the bottom. It is actually shaped like an actual sea ship and the curious figure has set theories on the internet alight. Many conspiracy theorists believe the craft was captured on film and that NASA then purposely dim the feed to hide the mega ship.

Tyler from Secureteam (YouTube space commentator) has theories about the ISS. He calls some of the footage captured by the ISS as a:

…literal highway of activity, unidentified objects… flying by in the distance…

In this separate clip Tyler from Secureteam puts forward a theory that an astronaut even covers a UFO with his hand to hide a UFO in the distance. There are small lights in the footage that seem to fly around in different directions.

There have also been other reports of mega-structures appearing in space. Michio Kaku has appeared on the news in the past discussing the possibility of an alien mega-craft (as in bigger than Jupiter) getting between telescopes and star subject matter.

We all know that the internet is a rabbit hole for conspiracy theories. The ramifications of life on another planet is something that has been pondered by humans since day dot and imagined through many novels and films. The idea that we are not alone could affect belief systems, religion, technology, and even how we deal with the limited resources we have here on Earth for our exponentially growing population.


The ISS tweets out amazing time-lapse footage of out of space too, check this out:



Watch this footage uploaded by Streetcap1:


Watch Michio Kaku discuss the possibility of a mega structure in space:

Watch the Secureteam theory that astronauts hide the truth about what is out there:

Featured image via YouTube.

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