White House Takes A Page Out Of Melania’s Playbook And Copies Exxon Mobil

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It’s really getting ridiculous out there for those of us who follow White House communications. What we read either makes no sense, is a total baldfaced lie, or is plagiarized from someone else.

It’s just so hard to convince ourselves that this stuff is actually coming from the President of the United States and his staff.

The latest example of failed communication came in a statement sent out yesterday by the White House. In that statement, the White House praised the Exxon Mobile Company. The company, you’ll remember, was run until a few weeks ago by Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. The White House wanted to praise the huge corporation for its plan to increase jobs in the U.S.

Not surprising, since the President ran his campaign with a huge focus on job creation.

But what made the White House statement seem like amateur hour was the fact that it lifted an entire paragraph directly from an Exxon Mobile statement released a half hour earlier.

I wish I could say that I’m kidding, but it’s true.

It was bad when the wife of then nominee Donald Trump stole a huge chunk of her speech to the convention from a speech by Michelle Obama. Folks attributed that to the newness of the whole political experience for the Trump team. They thought that Melania and her staff just made a rookie mistake.

But now Trump and his people are actually the ones in charge.  They are the official representatives of the entire country. Yikes.

The Trump people keep on insisting that there are no inappropriate business ties between the Cabient or other appointees and any of the big multinational companies that they have been running for years.

Then we get this kind of thing. Where a White House spokesperson, paid a hefty salary by the taxpayers, just full on steals an entire paragraph from one of those huge companies. And he didn’t quote and attribute it, either.

Nope. It was another example of plagiarizing and hoping that no one notices.

These guys are just so unbelievably bad at what they’re doing.

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