Darth Vader Replaces Lenin In Epic Monument (VIDEO)

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The Ukraine has unveiled an epic new statue that has replaced the statue of the famous communist leader Vladimir Lenin. It is part of a law that aims to get rid of references to him in the government. They have replaced the likeness of Lenin in Odessa with Darth Vader from Star Wars.

The statue was unveiled at a fun event featuring a live Darth Vader character who expressed being happy to have a statue unveiled while he is “alive.”

It has been nearly a century since the communist leader, Lenin, died, but they are still finding monuments with his likeness. All mentions of communism are banned; this includes flags and road signs. One city with a street named Lenin was changed to John Lennon Street.

Swiss photographer Niels Ackermann and journalist Sebastien Gobert have been travelling across the Ukraine looking for “fallen Lenins.” There were over 5,000 statues and other things dedicated to him in the Ukraine. To compare, Russia is 28 times larger, and they have only found 1,200 things.

Gobert said:

“The way that the Lenins fall down, it’s being implemented in a very dysfunctional way. There’s not just one process, there’s not a single way that it is done.”

This is an awesome way to replace the statue of the Communist leader.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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